Our Social Policy and Human Rights Policy sets our standards for social responsibility, community engagement and investment, local capability, and human rights.

Combined total training levies in Vietnam and Egypt for investment in industry capacity building in 2020
Community and charitable investments supporting 9 partnerships and projects in Vietnam through the HLHVJOC Charitable Donation Programme and 3 community projects in Egypt through Petrosilah in 2020

Human rights

We observe the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We respect the indigenous rights and cultures of communities where we operate.

Our human rights due diligence includes processes to address, monitor and communicate actual or potential impacts. In 2019, we undertook a Human Rights Review and developed an Action Plan for future operations in our newly acquired Israeli offshore licences.

All our projects include Community Feedback Mechanisms. We ensure our agents, contractors and suppliers comply with our policies, and influence our Joint Venture partners to do the same.

In accordance with the UK Modern Slavery Act, Pharos reports annually on how we mitigate the risk of modern slavery in our business.

Download our 2019 Modern Slavery Statement.


Case study

Education support for students in Ben Tre and Tra Vinh

Chau Thanh and Cang Long are two poverty-stricken districts of Ben Tre and Tra Vinh Province. The area’s poor infrastructure as well the financial situations of many families means that a significant number of students cannot pursue an education. On the 10th anniversary of the cooperation with the Ho Chi Minh City Polytechnic University, HLHVJOC provided financial support to buy 20 bicycles for 20 students from low-income families in Chau Thanh and Cang Long to go to school. This builds on previous work supported in 2018 between HLHVJOC and the University to improve their infrastructure as part of the Green Summer Campaign.

20 Bicycles Case Study
Case study

Education support for Hoang Van Thu High School

Hoang Van Thu High School for the Gifted was founded in 1947 and is located in Hoa Binh, a mountainous province which suffers from frequent heavy rain and flash floods. Due to the area’s severe weather conditions, numerous tables and chairs used by the pupils were damaged and unsafe to use.
HLHVJOC has donated $23,605 to the school to buy and replace 400 sets of tables and chairs for 1,410 students in 45 classrooms. This is part of our ongoing support project since 2018 to upgrade and support Hoang Van Thu High School and its students.

Hoang Van Thu High School Case Study

Community and social investment

We understand that our success is reliant upon building strong relationships and being welcomed as a responsible partner in our host communities. We invest in social projects for the long-term benefit.

In 2019, our social investment in Vietnam was through the HLHVJOC Charitable Donation Programme which we contribute into as set out in our licence terms. In addition to the training levy, a further $245,379 was invested in 12 community and social projects which included education and healthcare support via the HLHVJOC Charitable Donation Programme.

In Egypt, we re-routed the Suez refinery-bound road tankers to avoid local villages and are in the process of assessing where we can make the most valuable contribution to long-term social projects, both at the local level and more widely.

Local content

We support local capacity building during the exploration or development phases of a project to ensure a positive imprint and legacy. All our licence agreements include a high degree of local content, which commits us to hire locally where possible and provide training to develop new skills. Our policy commits us to provide meaningful opportunities for technical co-operation, training and capacity building within any host country in which we operate.