Our approach is driven by the strength, skills and imagination of our people, and our shared purpose to make a positive impact in everything we do.

The way we work and do business is based on five guiding principles which we call the Pharos Way.

The Pharos Way

Safety & Care

We are all constantly focused on maintaining the highest operational and safety standards.

Energy & Challenge

We are always seeking new ways to achieve more. For us, adding value and sustainable growth are not just desirable targets – they are what drive us, every day.

Openness & Integrity

We know the value of communicating and listening. We are transparent and always act with integrity and professionalism.

Empowerment & Accountability

We welcome and respect individuals from all backgrounds, providing support, development and training to help them thrive and empowering them to take responsibility and make confident decisions.

Pragmatism & Focus

We are pragmatic about how and where we prioritise our efforts. We use our real-world experience and expertise to determine how we can achieve the maximum value to benefit all of our stakeholders.