The health, safety, security and welfare of our employees and other people we work with is our highest priority, and we are committed to protecting them.

We treat everyone equally and with respect, providing a workplace free of discrimination where diversity is valued. We listen to opinions and empower our employees to be self-assured and effective, by supporting their training and development.

Lost time injury frequency rate (number of lost time injuries per million man-hours)
Fatal accident frequency rate (number of fatal accidents per hundred million man-hours)

Occupational health and safety

We place the highest priority on providing safe and healthy working environments for our staff and contractors. Our HSES MS is implemented at each stage of a project, supported by Occupational Health and Safety Guidance and Standard Operating Procedures.

Where Pharos is not directly an operator, we work with our partners to maintain safety standards. We are proud of our record of zero accidents in Vietnam. We organise regular training, drills, workshops and inspections, and share our practices and lessons learned, so others can also benefit.

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Excellent HSE performance

Safety programmes build and maintain workforce participation encouraging people to be open about any potential risks or hazards and to take action. Safety observation cards are used by all staff and contractors and we have a meeting every morning to go through these. We had over 23,000 Hazard / STOP cards during the year.

We are able to identify higher risks and whether there are any trends. We provide incentives for the best observation cards and/or contractors with excellent HSE performance on a monthly and yearly basis.

We undertake regular toolbox talks, ensure permits to work and all standard systems in place. In 2018 we conducted HSE audits of our main contractors. 1,112 audits and 648 inspections were carried out in the JOC. Every year HLHVJOC organise a contractor safety seminar, where experiences are shared in an open manner to highlight safety awareness.

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Preventing major accidents

There are emergency response plans for all Pharos projects. We ensure the workforce understands these plans and that response personnel can carry out their emergency roles effectively.

We had no Tier 1 or Tier 2 Process Safety Events in 2018. We regularly test our procedures to ensure we deal effectively with any incidents and learn from them too.

Equal opportunities

We value diversity and are committed to providing a workplace free from discrimination, where every individual can fulfil their full potential.

With a relatively small directly-employed workforce, everyone in Pharos can benefit from discussion with their colleagues, understanding each other’s challenges and uniting as a team.

Building local capability

Our commitment to diversity, and creating opportunities to learn and progress, extends to people who work with us in host countries.

For example, we have made significant advances in building local capability in Vietnam. Through our Joint Venture partners, out of 110 people, only seven are international staff. For every expatriate staff member, there is a Vietnamese staff member working as a deputy or manager. In Egypt, out of 30 permanent staff, 29 are local hires. 

A training levy of $150,000 for each JOC, a total of $300,000 is ring-fenced fund to support developing future Vietnamese talent in the industry. HLHVJOC also invests in staff development and training.

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Local capability building

We are committed to providing meaningful opportunities for technical cooperation, training and capability building in host countries. In Vietnam, as part of the HLHVJOC, we contribute to capability building by hiring locals.

Out of 110 people, only seven are international staff. In addition, every position that is held by an expatriate staff has a Vietnamese staff member as a deputy, or as the manager. In Egypt, out of 30 permanent staff, 29 are local hires.

A training levy of $150,000 for each JOC, a total of $300,000 per year, is a ring-fenced fund to support developing future Vietnamese expertise in the industry.

Pharos 1X1 Approach