The elements for sustained success. Pharos Energy is an independent oil and gas company with a focus on sustainable growth and returns to stakeholders.

We operate with a lean, efficient structure, designed to identify and realise value for all our stakeholders.

Our distinctive portfolio in the energy regions of Asia and MENA support our strategy of delivering long-term, sustainable growth and returns. 

We take great care with our investors' money

We use our expertise:

  • To assess and high grade growth opportunities
  • To focus on our cost base wherever we are
  • To commit to paying a dividend each year
  • To allocate capital to those assets which offer a combination of cash flow and growth

In this way, we offer a superior shareholder return through the combination of annual dividends and capital growth

Our people and experience

Pharos Energy is guided by experienced and committed teams in the UK, Vietnam and Egypt.

Working from our head office in London, our finance, legal, commercial, and investor relations teams use their considerable expertise to manage our relationships with the capital markets and provide guidance and support to local management. In Egypt and Vietnam, we have expert operational teams in each region, working closely with joint operating companies. 

Local focus

As we acquire business assets as part of our growth strategy, we integrate the existing management teams to benefit from their regional knowledge and experience, ensuring we grow the assets to their full potential. We apply our expertise locally with operational teams in each region, working closely with joint operating companies. 

Our 20-year history with Vietnam has been a success story both for the company and the country

Pharos has invested over $1 billion into its oil and gas projects located offshore southern Vietnam, making Pharos one of the largest British investors in the country. Pharos’s current producing interests, the Te Giac Trang and Ca Ngu Vang fields, together, are amongst Vietnam’s largest oil producers.

Pharos’s joint-operations have achieved an outstanding record of safety and have contributed to national economic growth through local sourcing, employment, training and industry upskilling.

Corporate responsibility

Our goal is to be a positive presence and add value in everything we do:

  • Our business – to provide responsible and sustainable development
  • Our ethics – to conduct our business transparently, honestly and ethically
  • Our people – to protect/ preserve the health, safety, security and welfare of our staff and contractors
  • Environment – to protect the environment and conserve biodiversity
  • Society – to consult with and contribute to our host communities

Growth opportunities

We are focusing on growth in our current portfolio and exploring M&A growth opportunities.

Our growth opportunities in our current portfolio include those with near term low cost onshore development and, where appropriate, exploration assets with transformative potential in Asia and MENA:

  • The implementation of a low cost multi-well producer and water-injector programme to optimise the development of the discovered oil resources in El Fayum, in the western desert of Egypt
  • The appraisal of the deep Oligocene tight oil potential at TGT in offshore Vietnam
  • The evaluation of a number of low-cost conventional exploration targets and an unconventional resource play in El Fayum
  • The evaluation of the low-cost oil potential of the recently awarded North Beni Suef block in Egypt, which straddles the western and eastern deserts
  • The evaluation of the transformational oil potential in Blocks 125 & 126 in the undrilled Phu Khanh Basin offshore Vietnam, and
  • The evaluation of the transformational gas potential in blocks recently awarded in offshore Israel.