Proposed change to registered name to Pharos Energy plc gains shareholder approval

The Board of Directors of SOCO is pleased to announce that the special resolution to change the registered name of SOCO International plc to Pharos Energy plc

Proposed at the general meeting held earlier today at 10.00 a.m., Wednesday 16 October 2019 (the “GM”), and as described in more detail in the circular to shareholders dated 27 September 2019, was duly passed at the GM by way of a poll.

The change of name is expected to take effect later today, following the issue of the corresponding certificate of incorporation on change of name by the Registrar of Companies. The Company will make a further announcement when this occurs.

The Company’s registered office address and contact telephone numbers remain the same.

Full details of the poll results are set out below.




Votes Against

% Against

Total Votes (excluding votes withheld)

% of issued share capital voted

Votes Withheld

That the registered name of the Company be changed to Pharos Energy plc
















  1. Votes ‘For’ and ‘Against’ are expressed as a percentage of the total votes received.
  2. ‘Votes Withheld’ are not a vote in law and have not been counted in the calculation of the ‘Votes For’ and ‘Votes Against’ the resolutions or the total number of votes validly cast.
  3. The issued share capital figure used to calculate the percentage voted is [397,515,684]. This is the figure as at close of business on 15 October 2019 and excludes the number of ordinary shares held in treasury at that date.

The total number of SOCO shares in issue as at 6.00 p.m. on Tuesday 15 October, being the latest practicable business day prior to the General Meeting, was 406,637,952 ordinary shares of £0.05, carrying one vote each, including 9,122,268 shares held in treasury. Therefore, the total voting rights in the Company as at 15 October 2019 (excluding voting rights attached to shares held by or on behalf of the Company) are 397,515,684.

A copy of the special resolution passed at the GM has been submitted to the National Storage Mechanism in accordance with Rule 9.6.2 of the Listing Rules and will be available for inspection at

The voting results will also shortly be available on the Company’s existing website at


Pharos Energy plc Tel: 020 7747 2000
Ed Story, President and Chief Executive Officer
Jann Brown, Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer
Mike Watts, Managing Director
Sharan Dhami, Group Head of Investor Relations

Camarco Tel: 020 3757 4980


Pharos is an international oil and gas exploration and production company, headquartered in London and listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The Group has production, development and exploration interests in Egypt and Vietnam.

In Egypt, the Group holds a 100% working interest in the El Fayum oil concession in the Western Desert, one of Egypt’s most established and prolific hydrocarbon basins. The concession produces from 10 fields and is located 80 km south west of Cairo. It is operated by Petrosilah, a 50/50 JV between the Group and Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation. In Vietnam the Group holds a 30.5% working interest in the Te Giac Trang Field in Block 16-1, which is operated by the Hoang Long Joint Operating Company. Block 16-1 is located in the shallow water Cuu Long Basin, offshore southern Vietnam and a 25% working interest in the Ca Ngu Vang field in Block 9-2, which is operated by the Hoan Vu Joint Operating Company. Block 9-2 is located in the shallow water Cuu Long Basin, offshore southern Vietnam. The Group also holds a 70% interest in and is designated operator of Blocks 125 & 126, located in the moderate to deep water Phu Khanh Basin, offshore central Vietnam.